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To most people the phrase "tropical bands" bring a pretty clear picture to mind - a bunch of shirtless guys playing calypso music. But to experienced shortwave DXers those two little words express the most challenging and enjoyable part of the radio hobby. The phrase kindles memories of a DXer's best catches and favorite QSLs, of exotic stations, music and of early morning listening sessions. (Don Moore)
I like the "Tropical band" name for new 60m allocation. (OK1RP)

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

60m band in CT - all licenses renewed for 6 months!

Hi all,

great news for all of us arrived from Jose, CT1EEB:

Good morning,
Just to let you know that Anacom is renewing all 60 meter band licenses for 6 months.
I have actually asked a one year renewal but the license is good until th3 30th of June 2012.
Same conditions as before:

5288,5 kHz
5371,5 kHz
5403,5 kHz

Modes: A1A and J3E

No power limit so we assume its the power authorized in our regular Ham licenses, for me is 1500 Watt, but really I never go over 100 Watt in 5 MHz.

A report as to be submitted to Anacom and the Army in the end of each period.
About activity, I'm not sure how many States I have for WAS but surely not all of them, I still find it difficult to work the 6 and 7 call area States. I give a try with Hawaii but no luck and never was able to contact that KL7 station that has been active.
For DXCC I have 46 DXCC entities at the moment, almost reaching the magic number of 50 and become one of the 50 plus club member, Hi!
73 Jose CT1EEB
The first station ever licensed for 60m in Portugal.

I am sending big congrats for all our friends in Portugal and also for great results on 60m band to Jose, CT1EEB!

Enjoy the 60m...

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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