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I like the "Tropical band" name for new 60m allocation. (OK1RP)

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Monday, October 31, 2011

News from Greece on 5MHz by Manos, SV1IW

Hello Petr,

Some more news for 5MHz activity...

Following the last information on 5MHz activity from Greece we would like to spread the word. At first the beacon is ready and it has been tested forseveral days now.

Frequency is 5398.5 MHz (CW) to avoid interference with normal use of the channel mostly in the UK. It runs 30W into a non resonant antenna for the moment. You may look for it mostly between 1900-0600z. It may be off for some days due to other HF activities at the test site so try to listen regularly. The beacon is expected to run flawlessly from the beginning of 2012.

The beacon sends the following sequence at T+15 seconds (T= minute 00, 15,30, 45 every hour)

5 seconds tone on 10% of RF power ~3W
3 seconds tone on 50% of RF power ~15W
2 seconds pause
5 seconds tone on 100% of RF power ~30W
2 seconds pause
Psk31 message : "___De SZ1SV SZ1SV beacon reports sv1iw@raag.org"
Cw message : "de SZ1SV SZ1SV SK"

The beacon can be monitored with GB3RAL.zip software from Peter Martinez G3PLX. Since the software monitors 3 time slots only the first will be used(red graph)

We will accept skeds on any mode but we prefer CW. Send email for skeds and reports or more information to sv1iw@raag.org
Remember that this is the only licensed station (SZ1SV). The band is not open for other SV stations yet.

73 Manos SV1IW
R.A.A.G. president
Manos G. Darkadakis
President Radio Amateur Association of Greece
National Society - Member of International
Amateur Radio Union (IARU) since 1959

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