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To most people the phrase "tropical bands" bring a pretty clear picture to mind - a bunch of shirtless guys playing calypso music. But to experienced shortwave DXers those two little words express the most challenging and enjoyable part of the radio hobby. The phrase kindles memories of a DXer's best catches and favorite QSLs, of exotic stations, music and of early morning listening sessions. (Don Moore)
I like the "Tropical band" name for new 60m allocation. (OK1RP)

Effective from 1st Jan 2017 please paper QSL via OM-bureau only.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ascension Isl. ZD8D by Werner, DJ9KH on 60m

The ZD8D operators will be Werner/DJ9KH, Axel/DK9BDN and Christian/DL6KAC from Feb. 22nd to March 6th. Like last year they will use channel 4 and 5 SSB and CW. Using 100W and almost a full size quarter wave vertical

They will be active as ZD8D during February and March 2015. QSL via DL9HO.The ZD8D Web page http://www.zd8d.de   

I wish to all hunters good luck (should be my DXCC #50 :) so I will have to put an extra effort in order to catch them on 60m).

73 - Petr, OK1RP


Faroe Isl. OY1R/MM on 60m

The news coming from Joe, W8GEX/Dave, G4OTU...

Worth noting - OY1R/MM  Regin is QRV from the MV Stril Neptun 
(OZ2151... IMO 9201786)...worked on 5398.5 USB on 6th Jan 2115Z - he was near the Dutch coast.

"I am on 60m most evening and call CQ on CW 5405 and SSB 5398.5 or 5405. When calling on 5398.5 I also listen on 5405."

Well I tried to look for Regin last nites but he probably left the MV already.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

GB3WES is back on as of today's 17-Jan-15 at 11:46 transmission

GB3WES is back on as of today's 17-Jan-15 at 11:46 transmission

Once the WX improves enough to consider non-essential work, I intend to move the beacon antenna to the 160m/80m dipole mast about 20m away from the tower. This tends to have to come down for maintenance far less frequently and is a better place for it really. This mast is nearly 20m high but I'll probably just put the beacon antenna at the first guy point, about 7m, which is its current height.

73 John, G3WGV

May thanks to John for his effort in order to maintain the beacon for us.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

Friday, January 16, 2015

More 5 MHz Channels for Czech Amateurs for 2015

Hello all,

first of all I would like to wish healthy and peaceful New Year 2015! I hope that You will meet more friends on the air and You will enjoy the 60m band.

I am happy to say that I got the permit for 60m band operation for 2015!

Following my comprehensive document on last year’s 5 MHz amateur operation in the Czech Republic and evidence of 5 MHz amateur operating frequencies elsewhere in Europe and several suggestions with bandplan proposals the Czech telecommunications regulator CTU together with the Czech Ministry of Defence (MoD) accepted it and have agreed to changes in 5 MHz permits for Czech (OK) radio amateurs following the conclusion of the present permit in Autumn 2014.

The number of 5 MHz channels available under the new 2015 permit has been increased from 6 to 12 and a substantial number of these have been aligned according to harmonization primarily with the UK and also the US allocations.

USB Dial (kHz) CW Dial (kHz)
Added to harmonize with UK bandplan

Added to harmonize with UK bandplan
Added to harmonize with UK bandplan
Added to harmonize with UK bandplan
Added to harmonize with UK bandplan
(A Former US Frequency) - remains
Added to harmonize with UK bandplan


All other Czech 5 MHz permit criteria remain as before (Max. Power 100W e.r.p., 3 kHz Max. Bandwidth) except that there is now no limit to the number of permits available which is also great success in my opinion for 2015.

So it is not necessary to occupy the international frequencies for local chats and keep them clear for real DXing!

Segments of frequencies at 5MHz allocated for the UK Full Amateur licences can be found FYI here:

I would like to thanks to CTU as same as MoD for their effort and ability to co-operate on new bandplan and permits conditions.

Good luck,
73 - Petr, OK1RP

Friday, January 9, 2015

GB3WES beacon off air due to maintenance by John, G3WGV

Hello all

first of all I would like to wish the healthy Happy New Year 2015 to all!
I am posting there the actual news from John, G3WGV regarding the status of the GB3WES beacon on 5MHz...
"Following last night's storm, I have decided to luff over my tower for some remedial work. As the WX is pretty grim for the next few days, it is likely that it will be next week before I can complete this work and in the meantime the GB3WES antenna is on the ground and the TX is switched off.

I will advise when it is back on and in the meantime, my apologies for the outage.


John, G3WGV

73 - Petr, OK1RP