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To most people the phrase "tropical bands" bring a pretty clear picture to mind - a bunch of shirtless guys playing calypso music. But to experienced shortwave DXers those two little words express the most challenging and enjoyable part of the radio hobby. The phrase kindles memories of a DXer's best catches and favorite QSLs, of exotic stations, music and of early morning listening sessions. (Don Moore)
I like the "Tropical band" name for new 60m allocation. (OK1RP)

Effective from 1st Jan 2017 please paper QSL via OM-bureau only.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cuba Active (regularly) on 60m (55m band to us) by Pavel, CO7WT

"Hi OMs.

Cuba has an assignation in the "60m" band (that our regulatory agency call it "55m band") and it was mostly empty spectrum, until now.

A group of Cuban hams are activating the band between 1700 to 2100 local (2100z to 0100z) every day possible in a informal way, we are talking about antennas/rigs/propagation/arduino/etc
(In Spanish but we can speak in english too).

We have a continuous segment between 5418 to 5430 Khz and we are using 5425 Khz USB for this informal net.

This initiative was an idea of Josue CO7RR and backed up by me (Pavel, CO7WT) as we are kind of network controllers for this experiment; since last week we have summed about 12 Cuban stations to the freq and more are interested on it.

The idea was to use the band to evaluate it for national communications in disaster situations (in the view of the recent Matthew hit), so far we have coverage for all the Cuba island just after 40m band closes for national QSOs and up to 4 hours later around 9 to 10 pm local with good to use signals (nothing big than S9+10 but quite readable ones with just S4-5 of noise floor), from this point (~9:30pm local) the propagation disappear...

That was using just regular homebred and commercial surplus radios with ~30W and 40m antennas via twin open wire feeder and Manual tuners. Of course you will hear some 100W and even 150W signals in from time to time.

Reception reports are welcomed, if you hear us and want to make a Split QSO or just report reception you can send a SMS to me (Pavel CO7WT) to my cell (+53 53 847 819) with the split details (I will TX on 5420 to not disrupt the net, and you have to send me the RX DIAL freq I have to use and the USB/LSB mode) we have a experienced CW operator on the net (CO7RR) so if you hear him and want  a CW QSO SMS me with details and I will tell him about.

73 Pavel CO7WT."
(Originaly published on 60M Yahoo Group"

73 - Petr, OK1RP

Monday, October 24, 2016

ZS - South Africa: The ICASA frequency spectrum committee has approved 5 MHz band privileges !

Hi all,

The South African Radio League, SARL, has been in discussions with their telecom authority, ICASA, about 5 MHz band privileges.
They're talking about a 100 kHz wide band, with 400 watt power limit.

So far the frequency spectrum committee has approved it and now it goes to the "Operating Committee."

Continued use of 5290 kHz for the "WSPR propagation experiment" is also being considered, in addition to the expansion of a secondary allocation for 5350-5450.


I really hope that it will be approved by ICASA "Operating Committee" soon.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

TL - Central African Republic on 60m band


Chris, F4WBN, is active again from Central African Republic with F9IE, TR8JLD and F5DUX in between October 19-28, 2016 as TL0A.

They are planning to operate on 80 to 6 meters (including 60m for the first time). QRV on CW, RTTY and SSB. Equipment consists of KX3 tranceivers/power amp, Spiderbeam and verticals antennas. Not connection to internet on site. QSL via F4WBN see on QRZ.com.

For the first time they were active on 60m band 22-Oct-16 in between 23:30U - 01:30U on 5405kHz CW. Unfortunately I missed them by my big mistake that night so I have to looking for them again.

TL0A Central African Republic flag Central African Republic

Christian Saint-Arroman, TL0A
Chemin de Mousteguy
64990 Urcuit


Best regards,

73 - Petr, OK1RP

Friday, October 21, 2016

Luxembourg 60m beacon LX0HF by LX1KQ

Hi all,

today I got latest information about the LX0HF beacon on 60m band from Paul, G4MWO as it has been sent to him by Mich, LX1HQ few days ago...

"Dear Paul,
I wanted to inform you that the frequency of the beacon LX0HF was reset to 5205.25kHz.
The Luxembourg Amateur Radio Society, the RL maintain LX0HF.
Best 73 de Mich 
President of the RL 
Ernzen , JN39CS

Thanks to Paul and Mich!

73 - Petr, OK1RP

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

LX - Luxembourg on 60m by Joel, LX1ER

Hello all,

good news is coming from Joel, LX1ER:

"Since today, 10th October 2016, the new 60m band is allowed to be used in Luxembourg for amateur radio use. The frequency plan of 3rd October, published in the Mémorial on 10th October, allows the use from 5351.5 to 5366.5 kHz on a secondary basis with an "Effective radiated power" of 15W.

73 - Petr, OK1RP