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To most people the phrase "tropical bands" bring a pretty clear picture to mind - a bunch of shirtless guys playing calypso music. But to experienced shortwave DXers those two little words express the most challenging and enjoyable part of the radio hobby. The phrase kindles memories of a DXer's best catches and favorite QSLs, of exotic stations, music and of early morning listening sessions. (Don Moore)
I like the "Tropical band" name for new 60m allocation. (OK1RP)

Effective from 1st Jan 2017 please paper QSL via OM-bureau only.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

T42US - DX pedition to Cuba by Jim, WB2REM

Hi all,

according to preview message regarding the Cuba 60m band plan there I am sending the news about the T42US operation planned for October as announced by Jim, WB2REM...

Hi Group,

Thank you all for your suggestions and information. I will program my IC706 to TX in the Cuban band (TBA when we can scope out interference-radio has been modified) and receive on 5.4035 MHz (USB) or 5.4050 MHz (CW) – primary and if that gets too crowded we will monitor the other frequency of 5.3715 MHz (USB) or 5.3730 MHz (CW). 

We will operate, when we can and during conditions on 60 Meters on non-contest days, Oct 21, 22 and 23 until 23:59Z. Then we will be back on October 26th and 27th (closing down late afternoon on the 27th). We will try to work as many of you as we can but probably won’t have internet accessibility to take requests or spot frequencies. 

Please help to publicize our operation. We have already printed a beautiful commemorative QSL card and will also be using OQRS. Please visit our site for more information.

USA T42US Team Leader

73 - Petr, OK1RP

CO - Cuba on 60m by Pavel, CO7WT again...

Hi all,

I am re-posting this message from Pavel, CO7WT about the Cuban ´s permit on 60m band.

"Hi from CO7WT, Pavel in Camag├╝ey, Cuba. 

The Official Cuba segment in 60m is this:

5418 to 5430 Khz

In the following site (see link) you can find the original document that allows cuban's too use 60m band, I was active a time ago as the first Cuban ham in the band I was the first experimental license for 60m (Authorities call it 55m here).


I suggest 5425 Khz USB as main freq in Cuba, I have tried regular contacts with cuban's and others in this freq with success and no interference, just one time on the air I get required on the air to QRT by a primary user of the frequency.

If you plan to work split, be sure to listen from time to time on the TX freq, remember you are a secondary user. 

73 de Pavel, CO7WT"

Pavel posted it to 60m Yahoo group list and suggested the QRG for planned DX-pedition from Cuba. It is useful to understand the system of approval on 60m for Cuba and remember it if you will be looking for CO on this band.

73 - Petr, OK1RP


Friday, September 25, 2015

T2GC - Tuvalu on 60m by Stan, LZ1GC update

Hi all,

according to our short email discussion with Stan, LZ1GC there is proposed channels arrangement for their 60m band operation from Tuvalu as T2GC...

Stan will try with team operate on 5373kHz or 5405kHz on CW (appropriate QRGs on SSB for these channels of course). In case of pile-up and needs they will try to use 5373 and split up to 5405...

The most important will be the actual situation with radar QRM in this area. 

Good luck to all,

73 - Petr, OK1RP

SM - Sweden on 60m... QSX please!

Hi all,

when I checked the SM stations activity and after going thru my 60m log I realized that they are not so often QRV maybe because it is not easy for them to operate over here using current channels allocation...

I worked some friends from SM on 60m band and I listened to them mostly on 5391.5, 5321.5 or 5381.5kHz while my TX was on standard channels like ch4 or ch5.

I am sure that Sweden ops are not so happy with their channels allocation as they are not allowed to operate on standard set of channels like UK or US etc.

Sweden 60m band allocation is as follows:

(CW +1.5kHz)

5310 kHz
5320 kHz
5380 kHz
5390 kHz

All modes are allowed.
Power allowed to use is 100W.
Bandwidth per channel is 4kHz.

It means that our friends from Sweden are really restricted on the band and its not easy to work all others. The QSX is the only way as same as for Spanish ops on that band. So I would like to kindly ask all of 60m friends to remember our friends with different band allocation and listenned/operate often with QSX to their windows please.

If You are not remember which frequencies to be used for these friends like EA, SM then check this blog, hi.

Good luck on the band,

73 - Petr, OK1RP

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A4 - Oman on 60m band by San, A45WH


San, A45WH informed that 60 meter operation has been granted to them by the Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society on Experimental Basis.

He promised to be QRV on 60m band only CW using his new TS-590SG Kenwood rig and a homebrew vertical antenna.

I am going to send him some short intro and recommendation for the US and EU operation so we can be confident for new country on the band.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

T2 - Tuvalu on 60m band soon


Stan, LZ1GC and Lubo, OM5ZW, will activate Tuvalu Isl. - T2GC between September 24, 2015 and October 14, 2015. The activity will on all HF bands - from 160 - 6 meters on CW / SSB / RTTY / PSK from Vaiaku Lagi Hotel, Funafuti, IOTA OC - 015, Grid Loc. RI91OL.

The team will be joined by John, KK7L who will be there from September 29 to October 6. John will try to take a transceiver with him, which he plans to donate to T2TT, Talia Kofe, the islands only local Amateur Radio operator. 


As Stan mentioned, they will try to activate Tuvalu / T2GC /on 60 meters CW and SSB - both modes! "I hope that the RADAR will not make me problems then! Last year on Nauru Isl. / C21GC / the RADAR was 599 +30 - 40 db. It was a big problem indeed."

73 - Petr, OK1RP

Hungarian 60m band beacon HG7BHB on 5357kHz

if you realized, there is new 60m beacon in Hungary on 5357kHz. I listenned to this beacon for several evennings and it was heard every time perfectly with strong signal over S9 using the HA7SO private callsign.
The Hungarian CW Beacon on 5357 kHz has now changed it's callsign to HG7BHB from the temporary one of private HA7SO and as it is reported the power has been reduced from 100 to 50W only. The antenna is a Diamond BB-6W wideband HF antenna at a height of 4m only.
(Thanks HA7PL, MRASZ Secretary, G4MWO and others)
73 - Petr, OK1RP

Netherlands on 60m band soon...?


It is little bit delayed message, but it is interesting news for all in September...

The DARC is reporting that radio amateurs in the Netherlands may have secondary access to 5350-5450 kHz in September 2015.

See the DARC info here:

73 - Petr, OK1RP