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I like the "Tropical band" name for new 60m allocation. (OK1RP)

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ZF - DXCC #26 on 60m

Hello all,

my last QSO giving me the DXCC #26 on 60m was really not as easy as it seemed to be...

I already mentioned that not so mni hams watching down around 5260kHz channel so in that case I had to arrange sked. Eden, ZF1EJ was so nice and helpful to arrange sked on 60m last nite. As I checked the condx the band was opened very well last nite and I heard ZF stations on near 40m band with good signals so I did not expected so big troubles on 60m.

In standard case when the channel 5 is empty my noise level on the band using the Mini Diamond receiving loop around the 00:00Z is enough low and band generally so quiet that station from this distance I should hear and copy.

Unfortunately last nite exactly around 00:00Z the channel 5 was occupied. Mladen 9A4ZZ worked several stations around EU and Paul, G0HNW and Clem, G0APM worked several US stations...all together on the same channel. Its not the big problem as all ops are quite experienced and they are able to rotate on the frequency and allowing to each others to work the stations if they hear them.

The main problem was with the other US guys who did not copy EU stations and began the rag chewing with other local US station on the channel. The reception issue was also on the EU side so there were in parallel several QSOs on the channel 5. Into this chaos Eden, ZF1EJ called me as arranged at the 00:00Z.

I had not any problem to copy his signal when the channel was clean and nobody talked on the frequency. The signals came up to 55 but when the EU and US stations masked him I had the big problem.

I had to play with my K3 a lot to find as best as possible setting to be able to read Eden a bit. After few trials we got the right time to exchange the reports under them and we finished the QSO. Luckily my TX frequency on 5260 where I used CW was quiet on the Cayman Isl. so Eden read my signals even the strength was not so high. We exchanged 55/529 during this QSO and I reached my #26 on 60m band.

Interesting think is that in the beginning of the QSO I used my receiving loop as better choice but in the end the Inverted V folded into "Z" letter with 10m apex was definitely better I realized.

Also the NB setting I had to change to: dSP t3-2 and IF NAR3 (from NAR1 in the beginning) . The AVC had to be OFF for all the time as the noise level increased by 2S units when I tried to activate it. For the first time I also tried to check how it will help the MiniWhip stick which I tested some time ago on Topband. It produced as same N/S as the TX antenna just ZF1EJ signals were weaker so I did not gain from it this time.

Conclusion? I would like to ask all the friends on the 60m band to try listen as careful as possible with the best receiving antennas to avoid parallel operation or QRM on the frequency. Its also the challenge for me and my setup to improve it a lot.

Mni thanks to Eden, ZF1EJ for his effort and nice QSO.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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