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To most people the phrase "tropical bands" bring a pretty clear picture to mind - a bunch of shirtless guys playing calypso music. But to experienced shortwave DXers those two little words express the most challenging and enjoyable part of the radio hobby. The phrase kindles memories of a DXer's best catches and favorite QSLs, of exotic stations, music and of early morning listening sessions. (Don Moore)
I like the "Tropical band" name for new 60m allocation. (OK1RP)

Effective from 1st Jan 2017 please paper QSL via OM-bureau only.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

60m - Tropical band in PA

Hello all,

as I am interested in the 60m band QSO with PA stations I tried to find some information about the licences over here. I asked some friends in PA for help and there is actual information as I received from Joop, PA3BFB...

"Hello om Petr,

Thank you vy much for the invitation but in the Netherlands the tropical band 60 m is not allowed for hamradio yet....
I think maybe in the later future. The Dutch radioadministration just approved hamradio on 70 Mhz and 500 Khz.
They are not talking about 60m. So i think it will take a long time before the PA's will be allowed to work on 60m.

so best 73s Om

Joop PA3BFB"

Many thanks Joop for info and we will have to wait.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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