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I like the "Tropical band" name for new 60m allocation. (OK1RP)

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Icom IC-735 on 60m band


maybe it will help to somebody...

Icom IC-735 60m Mod

Disclaimer: Performing this mod will allow an Icom 735 to transmit outside of the Amateur bands. Perform this mod at your own risk. We performed this mod on our Icom 735 and it worked for us. However, your experience may vary. Personal Database Applications, Inc. is not responsible for any rules violations or damage to your radio that may result.

The mod for gen/cov tx for the IC-735 involves removing D33 and D34 from the PLL unit board. You'll have to lift the PA module up to do this and locate the diodes close to J22 Remote control terminal and simply snip one end of each. If you are not sure then be noted the diodes D33, D34 are on the top of the IC8 chip which is on the top of the backup battery cell.(On the right side from this battery is big IC9 microprocessor) Very simple, but it's amazing just how many screws need removing in the process!

IC-735 Schematic

IC-735 Gen TX mod

IC-735 Gen TX mod

IC-735 Service manual

IC-735 files

73 - Petr, OK1RP


  1. Thanks Petr!
    I think now I will be able to modify my IC735 for my V5/DK7PE operation next week.
    73s Rudi DK7PE

    1. Thanks Rudi for notice about the non-functional old link in my article... Be careful on the trip!

  2. Congrats and see you on 60m from V5 (and not from V5 only...hi) 73 Petr, OK1RP

  3. Have you or anyone you know done the mods for 2200 meters and the 640 meter bands ? I have gotten the ok from the FCC here in the USA for my general LIC to transmit on them..I received my it 735 free from another ham which got it free I had to get screws and put it back together....I did the general tx mod so I would have the 60 meter band. There is also another mod I don't understand there is a switch on the back and wires that go to the front of the radio I have look at the schematic and don't quite get what it does...I have even flipped it on and off and can't tell a difference...I rely like the rig and the 100 percent duty cycle...I run alot of CW and Digi modes. I was surprised when I found out I could comoucom contry alot of the rig and see the missing number on the dial. Hope to catch y'all on the air one day!! KG5GBP

  4. Thank you so much I saved some cash by doing the mods on my ic735 having a blast 73s.