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I like the "Tropical band" name for new 60m allocation. (OK1RP)

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Atlantic ocean crossed on 60m - enjoyment with San, K5YY


I finally crossed the Atlantic ocean worked my first QSO with USA ever on 60m band!

San, K5YY from Arkansas was able to read my call and correct report 44 for him around 00z. We used our only allowed channel in OK land > 5260kHz and I qsx to his USB on 5346.5kHz/ch4. Very unforgetable moment for me on 60m tropical band because of several reasons:

1. I am 1st OK station on 60m band for San, K5YY as he reported!

2. San, K5YY is my 1st overseas/non-EU station on 60m band!
3. San, K5YY is my 1st USA station on 60m band!

I used 100W into half sloper (designed for 160m) + receiving Mini Diammond, W2PM loop. Although it is designed for 160m band operation I am satisfied with this loop also on 60m tropical band where this small loop doing good job. Less noise and better s/n.

My hat is going down in face of San, K5YY and his setup on 60m. My signal is pipsqueak on the tropical band because the base loading coil for 160m in the feed point of the half sloper makes big losses on 60m for sure. San informed me that he is using sloper system for RX/TX which means that the performance of this system must be very well. Good job San!

Latest great news from yesterday evening > QSL from San, K5YY arrived! Just 7 days or so from USA to Czech - nice. I am really happy for it as it is my 1st QSL confirming QSO on 60m band at all !!!

Excellent enjoyment on 60m tropical band with You San - thank You!!!

73 - Petr, OK1RP
Tropical band - the
band of 60m pioneers

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